Jumeirah Beach
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Jumeirah Beach

Dubai has a number of beautiful beaches and beach parks that offer all sorts of recreational and entertainment facilities. The blue waters of the Persian Gulf along with the white sands of the pristine beaches of Dubai make the place very attractive and bewitching. The Jumeirah Beach is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai for a relaxing and pleasant afternoon.

Of all the beaches in Dubai, the Jumeirah Beach is famous, popular, and the best beach in Dubai. You will find that most of Dubai’s famous and best beaches are located along this stretch. The Jumeirah Beach is a long stretch of sand that is lined by hotels and private clubs. Some of the most luxurious hotels in the world can be found on this stretch.

Jumeirah BeachThe stretch of beach at the Dubai Marina is nice and sandy and it is the most famous beach in Dubai. This area which is full of hotels is a popular tourist hangout and this beach is practically next door to the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel and other Dubai beach hotels. The beautiful beach attracts tourists and locals alike and you will find that there are a number of swimmers who are attracted by the blue waters of the Arabian Sea.

Dubai, which is a popular tourist destination, has a number of attractions along the stretch of the Jumeirah Beach. Nearby is the famous Wild Wadi Waterpark, a water-themed park that offers a number of rides and attracts children of all ages. Do not forget to take your children to this park or they will never forgive you. There are a number of shopping malls, traditional souks, art galleries, and museums along the beach road. Both children and adults can find a lot of interesting activities and entertainment on this stretch. Take a Dubai desert trek, go dune bashing, or better still indulge in the different water sports available there – water skiing, kite-surfing, and diving. Take a horse ride, or try your hand at skydiving or paragliding, or if you are a fitness enthusiast go to the gym for a workout. Experience the thrill of taking a dhow cruise along the beach, and a dhow cruise on a moonlit night, along with your loved one, is really great. The buffet on the dhow is something that you will really enjoy – it is something out of the world.

And, while you are in the beach area, do visit the Jumeirah Beach Park – it is definitely worth the visit. The park which is located in an area spanning 12 hectares has children play areas, food kiosks, and areas for other activities. You can also find other areas such as the Barbeque Area, Games and Theatre Area, and the Rocky Garden Area.

Visit the man-made island of the Palm which is also known as the 8th wonder of the world and is located just off the Jumeirah Beach. Take some time off to see the Mosque on the Al Road. It is the only mosque where non-Muslims are permitted to enter, and special tours are conducted to offer people a brief insight into Muslim religion, culture, and tradition.

When you are in Dubai, you just cannot afford to miss the Jumeirah Beach.