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Jumeirah Beach Park

The Jumeirah Beach Park is an incredibly beautiful place that is located on the long stretch of Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. This park is very popular with the locals and residents for swimming, sunbathing, and a lot of kids’ and beach activities. It is Dubai’s most favorite park and it is tremendously crowded during the weekends.

The Jumeirah Beach Park is located on Jumeirah Beach Road near the Hilton Club. The park which was opened in 1989 overlooks the blue waters of the Persian Gulf. It is located on a parkland measuring 12 hectares and is a hot favorite with children as they can play here to their hearts’ content for hours together. It is the first ever beach park in the Jumeirah residential area that overlooks the Arabian Gulf. The Jumeirah Beach Park has children’s play areas, volley ball areas, food kiosks, and barbeque sites. It also has a special jetty area on the beach front with lifeguards on duty.

Jumeirah Beach ParkThe beautiful golden and white sands of the Jumeirah Beach attract a lot of swimmers and watersport enthusiasts. The park has undertaken a lot of safety measures for the safety of the visitors and kids. The park has five watchtowers manned by expert lifeguards as well as a first-aid person to attend to any emergencies. Rescue boats, lifebuoys, and artificial respiratory systems are available to handle disaster management. A helicopter pad has also been provided for transportation of emergency cases to hospitals.

When you enter the Jumeirah Beach Park, you will be greeted by flower beds in the center of the area. From here, use the stairs to go higher up where you will find vast green lawns surrounded by palm trees. You will find large expanses of lawns and a number of trees on the outskirts of the main area. As you move further you will see a special Rocky Garden Area which is characterized by the presence of rocks of various shapes and sizes. You can also see different types of desert bushes interspaced by seats and the whole place is well illuminated by flood lights.

Visitors will find a number of wooden bridges distributed along the park shore that connects to the beach. Step up to the cafeteria and you can enjoy a beautiful view of the beach and the sea. There is a unique Barbeque Area that is specially equipped with modern grills if you would like to use the barbeque. Enjoy a barbeque lunch – you will have to do the barbeque yourself – and go to the Jumeirah Beach Park’s recreational area with your kids. Your kids will surely like the games and theatre area which has slides, see-saws, and a number of other games.

Whatever be your age, whether you are a kid or an adult, the Jumeirah Beach Park is surely a place that you are going to love. We promise you that it would be a truly enjoyable experience for the entire family. Whenever you are in Dubai, do make it a point to visit the Jumeirah Beach Park along with your children. If you miss out, it is something that you are going to regret for a long time to come.